The cantonment area at Catoosa consists of 4 double sided open bay barracks with bed space for 50 soldiers per side for a total of 400.  Each side of the barracks has a self contained latrine and shower facilities.  There is a computer lab located in the north end of TR-5.  Classroom facilities are also available in the north and south ends of TR-7 and TR-4.  TR-4A is available as a CQ/unit orderly room.  TR-12 is available as an operations facility/command center.  There are paid maid quarters available for rent in TR-105, TR-106 and TR-107 with cable TV, refrigerator and wireless civilian internet.  Mess facility with seating for 150 is available in TR-100.  We have a wash rack and JP8 fuel point located in the motorpool.  We also have a 3 bay open air maintenance shelter located in the motorpool.